Thursday, May 1, 2014

Note for building OBIEE sample APP Virtual Machine

1. Following SampleAppQuickDeploymentGuide-309-R2.pdf to build the Virtual Box

2.1 For OBIEE Admin Client tool. Log into this machine's web page (port 9704/analytics). Download the tool from there. Doing this will make sure the client tool version is same as server version. 

2.2 Make sure the computer that Client tool installed, the computer should have host file include: server ip)

2.3 create tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora by copying those from OBIEE server's $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin to \oraclebi\orahome\network\admin, you will need to create this folder. Make sure tnsnames.ora, not ip address or others. 

2.4 copy the missing dll files to \oraclebi\orahome\bifoundation\server\bin from dll folder

3.  Study 
    start from here:
    and pick this as the first tutorial:"Creating a Repository Using the Oracle BI 11g Administration Tool"

You can find SampleApp-QuickDeploymentGuide-309-R2.pdf 
and SampleAppv309-R2-UserGuide.pdf from Oracle web site

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