Thursday, May 1, 2014

Find the right Jdeveloper Version for Oracle Apps

Find the right Jdeveloper Version for Oracle Apps

1) when you log in oracle applications type in 

http://host:port/OA_HTML/OAInfo.jsp (type in your HOST name and port between http and OA_HTML)

2) Then you get the Oracle Apps version you working on like below 

OA Framework Version Information 

OA Framework Version 
MDS Version (build 481) 
UIX Version 2.2.18 
BC4J Version 

3) so my version of apps (OAF) is 

4) go to METALINK and search for Doc ID: Note:416708.1 

there you find the below in form of a TABLE that list which RUP should go to what patch. 

there you can select the PATCH as per your version of OAF in u r Oracle Apps. 

Download and installation

Download the right patch, then follow this article to finish the installation:

Or after you download the patch and extract it to /JDeveloper/., find this "OAEXT_README.txt" file, it has the similar information. 

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