Monday, June 30, 2014

How to disassemble a product in Odoo/OpenErp 8

Our company sells clothes. We wholesale the clothes by box or dozen, a dozen normally has different sizes but one color, and a box has many dozens of different colors. I have created a product (Say Product1) with size and color variants. Now I wonder if I can create 2 new products, 1st is "Dozen of Product1" which includes 12 of Product1 of different sizes, and 2nd is "Box of Product1" with many of "Dozen of Product1". We are only reseller, not manufacturer. 

We need to handle that with the BoM function as we are packing/assembling into a Dozen. Create the individual products 1, 2,3..with the color and sizes. Then create the BOM. Manufacturing order will allow you pack the boxes and store them as complete dozens in the warehouse. This way you can monitor the individual products themselves and dozen packs as well.

The second question is, we may need to open a box and sell them to different customers if needed. so that is, we receive our mechandise in boxes, then sale them in boxes or sale them in dozens, how do we handle these in Odoo? 

It can be done by install the mrp_byproducts module. Then you can define "Dozen of Product1" as component, Product1(small size) as the produced product, and Product1(other sizes) as byproducts. By doing this you actually disassemble the package. 

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